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Interested in joining ELSIR?

Graduate Students

Dr. Esses is accepting graduate students for the upcoming  2020-2021 school year. Please see the application website for instructions.

Undergraduate Research Assistants

We are always looking for students to volunteer as Research Assistants. Please email your resume and unofficial transcript to vesses@uwo.ca. As we make plans for new research early in the term, the best time to send your application is a few weeks prior to the semester in which you are interested in volunteering, though we accept applications on a rolling basis.

Volunteer research assistants are expected to commit to at least one semester of 8 – 12 hours per week, though these times are flexible. RAs will be responsible for a variety of tasks ranging from running participants through studies, creating surveys and programming experiments, coding qualitative responses, and helping with developing research protocols. No prior experience in these tasks are required as RAs will be trained as needed.

Thesis and Independent Project Students

Students who have prior research experience and wish to work with Dr. Esses and the lab as thesis students or independent project students are encouraged to email Dr. Esses (vesses@uwo.ca). Please refer to the department website for rules and regulations surrounding the Honours Thesis (Psychology 4850, 4851, 4852) and Independent Projects (Psychology 3996, 3997, 4996, 4997).