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ELSIR Research

The ongoing research in ELSIR covers:


Immigration and Cultural Diversity

  • Promoting welcoming communities
  • Factors affecting the settlement and integration of immigrants and refugees
  • Attitudes toward immigrants and refugees
  • Strategies for filling the information needs of immigrants and refugees
  • The discounting of immigrants’ credentials and skills in the labour market, and employment discrimination
  • Perceptions of refugees and refugee policy


National Identity and Its Influence on Social Inclusion, Intergroup Relations and Belonging

  • Forms of national attachment and identity, and their influence on intergroup attitudes
  • The role of nationalism and patriotism in determining attitudes toward immigrants and immigration
  • Determinants of immigrants’ national identity and sense of belonging


Group Competition

  • Instrumental Model of Group Conflict
  • The role of perceived competition over tangible resources (e.g., jobs) and cultural dominance (e.g., cultural practices of a society) in determining intergroup attitudes



  • Measurement of dehumanization: both explicit and implicit
  • Individual and societal determinants of the dehumanization of immigrants and refugees
  • Attitudinal and behavioural consequences of dehumanization